[Translate to English:] Wladimir Stepanowitsch Koshan

Vladimir Stepanovich Koshan was born on 25 February 1925 in Zhitniye-Gory (Ukraine). In April 1942, Koshan was deported from his hometown to perform forced labour in Germany, where he worked on a farm in Sömmerda (Thuringia). He tried to escape but was arrested and imprisoned with others in the Torgau penal camp. After another escape attempt, the Gestapo sent Koshan to the Bautzen prison, where he was sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. In November 1943, the Gestapo transferred Koshan to the Buchenwald concentration camp. A short time later, the SS moved him to the Dora camp. During his entire time in the camp, he was forced to work as a labourer in a work detail for the Hochtief construction company. When the camp was evacuated, Koshan was transported to Bergen-Belsen. He was liberated there on 15 April 1945 by British soldiers.

After the end of the war, Koshan had to serve in the Red Army for four years as an occupying soldier. In May 1949 he returned home, where he trained as a mechanic. He later went to night school, studied and finally worked as a maths and physics teacher. Vladimir Koshan died in Khalcha (Ukraine) in 2014.