Willi Zimmt

Willi Zimmt was born on 26 February 1905 in Berlin. He worked first as a hotel porter and later as an independent tobacconist. In July 1937, Willi Zimmt was denounced for homosexual relations and arrested by the Gestapo. The Berlin Regional Court sentenced him to several years in prison, and he served out his sentence in the Tegel prison and various prison camps. After being released from prison, the Gestapo arrested Willi Zimmt again and sent him to the Buchenwald concentration camp in July 1943, where he spent his entire imprisonment working under terrible conditions in a quarry. In mid-February 1944 he was transferred to the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. After six weeks there, SS doctors selected him for being “unable to work” and sent him on an “invalids’ transport” to Bergen-Belsen. He died there a short time later, on 9 April 1944, of the consequences of his imprisonment.