Irena Siekierzynska

Irena Siekierzyńska was born on 20 July 1897 in Warsaw, where she worked as a bank clerk. After Germany occupied Poland, she was forced by the occupying forces to work in the German “Bank of Issue in Poland”. When the Warsaw Uprising broke out on 1 August 1944, Irena Siekierzyńska was arrested and initially sent to the Pruszków transit camp.

Like thousands of other men, women and children, she was transported on 12 August 1944 to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Around six weeks later, Irena Siekierzyńska was one of a group of 1,000 women selected by the SS to be transported to Bergen-Belsen. In early April 1945, she had to witness the death of her close friend Wiktoria Hlebowicz. Irena Siekierzyńska was liberated by British soldiers on 15 April, but she died of the consequences of her imprisonment on 1 June 1945 in the emergency hospital.